Which is the most expensive diamond in the world? Take a look at the treasures that created the auction history

What is the most expensive diamond in the world? When it is impossible to determine the value, perhaps we can glimpse the price of the diamond ring through the most expensive and most expensive diamond in the history of the auction. These created a historical diamond ring in the history of the auction. Heart is beautiful and drunk!

The five most expensive diamonds in the history of the auction house

This Graff yellow diamond ring, weighing 100.09 carats, was initially unable to close due to low bids. Later, with the Sotheby’s auction house announcing the re-auction of diamonds, the most important event was the final price of $16.3 million in May 2014. The deal, according to Sotheby’s, revealed that the price has already broken the previous world record of 14 million US dollars, and the auction house believes that the price is “good”, after this, the estimated price of the diamond in the 15-20-25 million US dollars between.

The spring of 2017 was held on the evening of the 4th at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. The highly anticipated “Pink Star” – weighing 59.60 carats of ellipse-shaped interior flawless pink diamonds for about 553 million Hong Kong dollars (Editor’s note: about 490 million RMB renminbi transaction, which has set a new record for the auction of diamonds in the world.

Christie’s auctioned a 14.62-carat blue diamond for $57.6 million in Geneva, Switzerland. The brilliant blue diamond that was taken by the anonymous buyer was called Oppenheimer Blue. The price before the auction was estimated at 3800. ~45 million US dollars, is the largest gem of this category to participate in the auction.

On November 12, 2013, the world’s largest orange diamond was sold for US$31.59 million, setting a record for the price of similar diamond auctions. This orange diamond was rated by the American Gemological Institute as the highest quality grade and its color is pure orange. This kind of diamond is also called “fire diamond” and it rarely appears at the auction. It can be said that this orange diamond is known The largest of its kind.

In October 2013, the white elliptical fender-colored Type IIa diamond, weighing 118.28 carats, was eventually sold for $30.6 million (HK$212 million) at the “Hong Kong Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewelry and Jade Jewelry Auction”. It can be said that it created the auction record for the world of white diamonds, and it has also become one of the most expensive and heavy diamonds in the history of auctions. This 118 carat white diamond was machined from 299 carats of diamond raw material mined in South Africa in 2011. It is reported that the buyer of this diamond can also have its naming rights.

Nine Jewellery Auctions in the History of Jewellery

Necklace of Maharani of Baroda, India

Auction time: 1974

It is no exaggeration to say that it is the most outstanding creation in the history of jewellery. Thirteen pear-shaped Colombian emeralds with a total weight of 154 carats are suspended in the center of a diamond in the shape of a lotus, and are made of dozens of emeralds and diamonds. . The most amazing thing is that these gemstones were all taken from the crown of the Grand Duke of Vadodda. Maharani of Baroda, known as the Duchess of Windsor in India, has a passion for jewellery. There are only three hundred pieces of personal jewellery collection. Some of them even date back to the Mughal era.

The brooch of The Duchess of Windsor

Auction time: 1987

Van Cleef & Arpels, while custom-made for the Lady of Virgo in Varonda, India, also worked with Cartier to customize a series of jewelry for the Duchess of Windsor. This is also known as the most precious jewelry collection of the 20th century. After the death of the Duchess of Windsor, her collection was auctioned more than 50 million dollars. In 1940 Cartier decorated the red, blue and green jewels and citrine and diamonds for this magnificent flamingo brooch. King Edward VIII generously gave it to his beloved woman. Although he hoped to remove the brooch after the Duchess’ death, he did not insist on how long. And the value of this brooch has continued to rise, and it is 7 times higher than the expected 7 million US dollars!

The Princess Salimah Aga Khan’s Necklace

Auction time: 2004

It is not just the jewels of the Duchess of Windsor that are auctioned for by the sky-high price. When Sally CroCKer-Poole became a princess in 1969, she collected a series of luxurious jewelry. And these jewelry were auctioned out after she divorced in 1995. The fakes include Boucheron’s necklace, Van Cleef & Eble’s Indian series necklaces and heart-shaped blue diamonds, all of which are sold at superb prices, which dwarfs the prices of the Duchess of Windsor’s jewelry auction.

Maria Callas’s Necklace

Auction time: 2004

Maria Callas, famous for his “Goddess,” is a compelling opera singer. Her strong personality and tragic love story are always the focus of people’s discussion. She is the real goddess, always wearing pearls and diamonds, wherever she goes to attract people’s attention. Maria Callas’ most precious jewellery collection includes a brooch of pink diamonds bought in 1967, which was auctioned out in November 2004 after she died many years ago. The total auctioned jewelry price reached 1.86 million US dollars.

The Princess Margaret Crown

Auction time: 2006

Princess Margaret’s jewelry auction will never be easily forgotten, especially after a century after the Queen Victoria’s jewelry was auctioned in 1901. Of course, Princess Margaret’s 800 royal collections in 2006 were also Find the market. Princess Margaret has always been elegant and attractive before his death, so many jewels are surging in order to have the privilege of entering the royal family. Including some heirlooms of Faberge and Queen Mary, and the famous Poltimore crown she wore in the royal wedding of 1960, it was born as early as 1870, a century ago.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Diamond Ring

Auction time: 2011 

No jewelry auction can match Elizabeth Taylor’s lineup luxury. Her jewelry collection was auctioned out after traveling around the world for a month. If we think that the previous sale of 50 million US dollars has been wonderful enough to shoot bad hands, then do not know what to use to describe 137.2 million US dollars! Auction jewelry includes 1968 actor Richard Burton (Richard Burton gave her diamond ring, a total of 33.19 carats. And this is only a small part of it, as well as Cartier-designed pearl ruby Peregrina necklace, The Mike Todd crown, Taj diamond necklace, and another Bulgari red emerald necklace gifted by Richard Burton.

Lily Safra’s brooch

Auction time: 2012

In fact, Lily Safra’s jewellery auction took place in recent years. Her auctioned jewels included ruby and diamond brooches made by JAR Paris, weighing approximately 173.09 carats. The best part of the auction process is that all of the income is donated to charity, because Lily Safra is not only a famous person but also a philanthropist. After four marriages, her jewelry collection had a net worth of $1.2 million, which made her one of the richest people in the world.

Earrings by Gina Lollobrigida

Auction time: 2013

Gina Lollobrigida is not only an Italian actress. She is also a journalist and sculptor. She was also the most famous European actor in the 1950s and 1960s. At the time, she was simply a sexy sign. In May 2013, her jewellery collection was auctioned and caused a sensation, especially for the Pierre Boucherin Diamond Emerald earrings that were produced in 1964.

The bracelet of Hélène Rochas

Auction time: 2013

2013 is indeed the peak period of jewelry auctions, and one of the most outstanding ones is Rosa’s jewelry collection, including Nid d’Abeille René Boivin’s all-gold bracelet with red, sapphires, and diamonds. In a sense, it also narrowed the distance between collectors and the Paris high society and experienced a small experience.

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