How to choose jewelry at the annual meeting?

When the Spring Festival is coming, what will be sent to the TA to make her happy even smile in her eyes? Lingling tells you that a gemstone jewelry is enough. The meaning of different jewelry represents different love secret words. Can you tell whether TA can guess right?

Necklace – Love

Which girl does not love romance? Just the right time, send her a carefully selected necklace. In addition to the homophonic “falling in love,” the necklace also has another layer of love, “I just want to tie your heart tightly with the necklace and not be taken away by other people.” Such a delicate and domineering declaration will surely sweeten her heart. 

Crystal pink powder sweet and not greasy, like the sweet relationship between the two, there is a beautiful flower-dependent, crystal Jade this mosaic jade necklace series is very suitable for girlfriend.

Bracelet – Guardian

Which girls do not want to have long-lasting love? Maybe her position in your heart is irreplaceable, and your feelings are also serious and care. However, you have to express yourself, let her know, and let her feel at ease. Send her a bracelet, meaning “save the love,” expressing her desire to bind her for a lifetime and to spend the rest of her life.

It is better to send her crystal amethyst bracelet, amethyst is the “guardian stone of love”, meaning good, simple and flexible design, so she is more beautiful and lovely.

Rings – Ring for Love

Which girl does not want to get a lifetime commitment? If she is the one person you want to “keep your finger on, keep it old,” don’t let her wait too long, wear a ring for her, and express her most sincere and sincere expression “love her. In my heart, I would be willing to give up for her love,” giving her a happy marriage.

Wear a crystal Ruby heart-shaped ring, from which to agree to each other’s love and commitment.

Festival, send her crystal spirit gemstone jewelry

Gifts are beautiful and meaningful

It’s important to make her happy

What is more appropriate than this?

Post time: Jun-20-2018